Spread of FM Movement
 Started in USA in 1970s (c 4000 FM's)
 Accelerated in USA in1980s and 1990s
 First FM in UK in 1997, following Harriet Festing’s visit to USA (c 400 FM's)
 First Growers Market/FM in NZ in 1998 in Whangerei 
 First FM in Australia in 1999 following Jane Adam’s visit to USA (c 80 FM's)
 Spread of FM's in NZ following Jane Adam’s visits 2000
 Hawkes Bay 2000
 Marlborough 2001
 Dunedin 2003
 FMNZ Incorporated Nov 2005
 1 st FMNZ Conference held in Hawkes Bay 06
 FMNZ producers Market Management Handbook and Stallholders Handbook
 Farmers Markets New Zealand wins Innovators award through the  restaurant assoc  2006
 Strategy plan adopted to ensure long term success of FMNZ and member markets
 40 Farmers Markets  members 2007/08
 2nd FMNZ Conference held in Marlborough June 08
 Buy Local Funding Accepted by members markets Aug 08
 FMNZ undergoing second stage of growth and market development 
 Authenticity is regarding as the most important issue moving forward

Mission                         Farmers Markets New Zealand’s mission is to:
foster the ongoing development of farmers markets in New Zealand

“to spread passion for fresh, local, authentic food, by educating consumers and engaging with relevant local, regional and national organisations, in addition to mentoring Farmers’ Markets in New Zealand and fostering the sharing of knowledge and information between Farmers’ Markets.”

As part of this overall purpose, the national organisation (FMNZ) exists to:
• Spread passion for fresh, local, authentic food, by educating people and groups and engaging with (or lobbying) local government or national bodies.
• Protect and develop the Farmers Market brand, and brand values of authenticity, local, fresh food produce.
• Act as a mentor to local Farmers Markets, sharing knowledge and information.
• Progress the common interests of FM members.
• Facilitate excellent communication between markets and with consumers.
• Support local market managers to help local markets be successful.

Vision Our vision is to… “create  a clear distinction between Authentic Farmers’ Markets and other markets; providing the support needed by Farmers’ Markets to ensure the long term sustainability of local food production throughout New Zealand.”