Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FMNZ 2009 Market Managers Forum, Hamilton 22nd-24th June

2009 Market Managers Forum 

The Market Managers Forum is a chance for managers from around the country to get together and share ideas, tools, solutions to issues, and to network with others, so that managers can feel comfortable sharing ideas with each other in the future.  There will be guest speakers from America and Australia, information from FMNZ, and time to problem solve on any issues that are common to farmers' markets.    To be held June 22nd to 24th, 2009, the forum will be based at Pirongia Forest Park Lodge, in Pirongia near Hamilton.  Food will be provided, and alcohol will only be permitted on the final evening.  For more information email kerryn at secretary@farmersmarkets.org.nz or visit www.farmersmarkets.org.nz

Cost: $150 per person, plus the cost of travel, - this has been heavily subsidised by our buy local funding and in addition part of your travel costs will be reimbursed, so please bring your receipts.  

You will be required to do a short presentation about you & your market, so please come prepared  (see manager presentation below). 

Please fill out the following form and return by 12th June with payment to

Farmers' Markets New Zealand Inc,

C/- Kerryn Jensen

15 Fergusson St

Hamilton East, 3216



Market Managers Forum RSVP

Name: _________________________________________

Contact number: _________________________________

Name of FM: ____________________________________________________________________

Any dietary requirements?__________________________________________________________

Any special personal requirements we need to be aware of?


Any medical requirements? Understandings that you will bring with you any prescribed medication and inform the co-ordinator of how to use the medication, if required in emergency.




Do you require pick up from the airport? YES / NO

Which airport? ___________________________________________________________________

Please provide details of flight: _______________________________________________________ 

This Lodge is a DOC reserve and the following conduct must be adhered to:

Manager Presentation


Use the Pecha Kucha principle ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pecha_Kucha ) - 20 slides of 20 secs each. – this limits you to 6mins 40sec.

You may prepare the power point presentation yourself, or use a generic presentation we have prepared, but please use the sample power point presentation as a guide for what to include. 

You will also be required to fill out the Market Profile form which also includes this detail, but is for reference during the conference.  

Be prepared to answer any Questions from your fellow managers



Bring this page with you –and pin it up on our map of NZ 

(Market Photo)

(Market Manager Photo) 

  • Year market opened


  • Market Name:


  • Market Manager name:


  • Location/Venue:


  • Open Days & times:


  • Stallholder No on database:


Chris Fortune
(03) 579 3599 Home

021 935 995 Mobile

www.mfm.co.nz (marlborough farmers market)


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