Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pak n Save thinks they are a Farmers' Market ??

The current advertising campaign by Pak N Save, comparing themselves to "a Farmers' Market, except indoors" is grossly misleading and little more than an attempt to leverage off the good name and continuing growth and success of Authentic Farmers' Markets.

A Farmers' Market is a community of independent growers and artisan food producers who meet regularly to sell their food products directly to the public. That food is produced in a defined local region. There are no middle men, no supply contracts, no bulk buying agreements, just independent producers selling their food products at fair prices.

Pak N Save supermarkets do not resemble Farmers' Markets in any way; they do not sell only food, the people who produce the food do not sell it and the food is not grown or made only in a defined local region.

A complaint has been laid with the Commerce Commission under the fair-trading act in regards to misleading the shopping consumers of New Zealand.


The focus of the Pak N Save,  is "New Zealand's lowest food prices" whereas the focus of Farmers' Markets is to provide access for the public to high quality, seasonal, locally produced food, thereby supporting the local economy and social fabric of New Zealand.


Farmers' Markets New Zealand urges shoppers not to be fooled by this advertising campaign and see for themselves by visiting a Farmers' Market near them.


For more information

Jonathan Walker –

Vice-chair of FMNZ  021 729 645 or 07 824 8383

Have you voted for your favorite Farmers' Market in NZ ?

Chris Fortune

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